Best Foods to Take Camping & Hunting

If you are an avid outdoors person, whether that's camping, hunting or enjoying a day outside, you may find that packing and planning your food is quite a chore.  You must plan for how you will store it and cook it, so finding foods that don't require refrigeration or very little effort to prepare will work best.

At Burgers' Smokehouse, we offer many great options to take with you when planning a day trip or overnight trip outdoors.  We will show you our favorite breakfast ideas, snacks and sweet treats.

Breakfast Ideas

From bacon to sausage, we can make your breakfast delicious.  If you are planning to have a microwave, stove top, hot plate or campfire, we would suggest making a protein packed breakfast sandwich or breakfast burrito. Simply cook baconham or sausage - pick your favorite or pick them all - and put them with a slice of cheese and your favorite bread (slices, bagel, roll - your choice).  If you have the equipment to accomplish, frying an egg to also add will really give you energy all day long.  *Tip - if you are just taking a day trip, make your sandwich or burrito before you leave and wrap with foil to eat on the way or when you arrive.

Lunch or Dinner Ideas

Quick meals are no stranger to our product line up.  If you have a way to heat something up, your options are many!  Simply bring along any of our heat and eat bbq meats, including our pulled porkpulled chickenbeef brisket or corned beef.  If you can heat these meats, bring along a sandwich bun and some pickles and you've got a sandwich to rival any meal!  To really treat yourself, you include a snack size bag of chips or baby carrots to round out your meal.  If BBQ meats are not on your mind, we also offer three meat and bean items that don't require refrigeration and can be heated in a microwave in just two minutes.  Bring a spoon and you are set!

Snacks and Sweet Treats

Your day would not be complete without some tasty snacks that are both healthy and satisfy your sweet tooth along the way.  A favorite among anyone looking for a snack is our large selection of summer sausage snack sticks , snack stick & cheese sticks or easy to slice sausages.  We offer beef, ozark (pork & beef blend), buffalo, venison, elk flavors and more.  Choose a variety pack or pick only your favorite flavors.  These can be stored in your back pack, fanny pack or throw in your pocket!

For dessert, we have several great options, but are for sharing around a meal or after the activities of the day. If you can pack a cooler, any of our cakes or cheesecakes are delicious options.  If you are cooking over a campfire, bake one of our homemade pies in a cast iron skillet or pot.

We hope this helps make it easier to plan your next outdoor trip or hunting trip.  And if you have an avid outdoors man in your life, that's particularly hard to buy gifts for don't forget - we ship across the U.S.!